Apply for Government of Canada jobs (APPLY HERE)

Apply for Government of Canada jobs

Apply for Government of Canada jobs

Apply for Government of Canada jobs

Overview of the process

Getting a federal public service job includes several steps. Here’s what you can expect (though not necessarily in this order):

  1. Apply to a job
  2. Check your GC Jobs account to see if you have been screened in
  3. Take a written test, or go to an interview if required
  4. Provide references to the manager and go through security screening
  5. Check your GC Jobs account/email to receive updates on the process

Testing, interviews, and accommodation measures

After you’ve applied, if you’re screened in, you may be asked to write a test or series of tests.

You may also be invited to an interview. Let the person inviting you to the test or interview know, as soon as possible, if you think assessment accommodation measures could make tests or interviews more accessible to you.

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Types of work

There are several ways you can get hired into the federal public service:

  1. Permanent employment is referred to as indeterminate
  2. Shorter employment opportunities can be either term or casual (usually 90 days or less)

Government of Canada jobs 


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