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How To Make $100 Every Week Offering Simple Services Online With Your Smartphone (3)

Please resist the temptation of reading this part 3 without starting from part 1. Go back and read the others. Thank you!

Let’s continue from where we stopped in the last post.

There are many platforms that can help you achieve your weekly $100 goal while you offer a few simple services there.

The first on our list is APPEN

I signed up on Appen on the 20th of December 2020, I can’t tell you how much I have made from the platform since then. I no longer have so much time for it these days due to my blogging business, but I still receive invitations to projects back to back. Some offering me as high as $12 for just a photo. I know some guys in my circle that still make $1K to $3K monthly from it.

Appen currently accepts Nigerians but the offers are higher for foreigners. Especially USA, UK and Australia. Use your brain here without me telling you the exact thing to do 😉

The second one on our list is CASTING WORDS

These guys may not be so popular, but their pay is very good. They pay up to $60 for 1 hour transcription service you handle for them. And it doesn’t matter your country, they’ll hire you. The payment is usually done through PayPal and mostly come in on Fridays every week.

Do not signup on this platform if you have no intention of delivering quality jobs for them. Don’t go and ruin our reputation there 😏


The third one on our list is TIMEBUCKS.

This one is easier than the first two I mentioned. The only difference is that the pay is lower on Timebucks compared to the other two.

On Timebucks, you get paid an average of $0.20 to $3 to perform certain tasks which may not even take you up to 5 minutes. Some pay quite higher but are not easy to come by except you signup from Tier 1 countries.

You can make out several hours everyday and spend it on the platform to accumulate as much as possible. The platform works!

The good part of it is that you can signup with just your Facebook profile linked to it and start earning immediately.

The fourth on our list is SPROUTGIGS

Just like Timebucks, Sproutgigs allows you to get paid to perform certain tasks and even offer several gigs online. They also have surveys you can take at any time and get paid up to $2 or $3 for just a few minutes of your time.

Signing up is easy but don’t create more than 1 account there using the same device or browser. Your IP address is usually marked once you sign up. If either you or anyone around you use the same device to signup, both of your accounts or either of them will be flagged and restricted.

Number fifth and the last on our list is AMAZON MECHANICAL TURK (MTURK)

This is the Oga Kpata Kpata of them all but the most difficult to get in. These guys are not “looking” for workers, hence the tightness in taking people in.

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There’s always some offers to do on mturk and get paid. Always!

You can sign up directly or get your relative or friend in Tier 1 countries to help you sign up and finish the verifications. Once they are done, they can hand you over the account to run from any location in the world.

You can make your first $1K online with this platform. Go and check out how they pay per task, which they call Hits.

I have given you 5 working platforms so far. Let’s stop here for now. Go and start working on them and come back to me with your results.

This is me rooting for your success.

Now do me the honour and SHARE this post, from part 1 to 3. Let me know if you find value in it also.

I can’t wait to see you shine. I believe in you!

Prince Gabriel Okocha

Use Google to get the website of any of them that you wish to try out.

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