United Kingdom Work Visa: Earn £5000, How to Get a Job in UK from Nigeria

Securing a Job in the UK from Nigeria: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a Nigerian contemplating on how to get a lucrative job in the United Kingdom (UK)?

This comprehensive guide is designed just for you. It explores the necessary steps, providing you with all the information you need to embark on this journey successfully.

Reasons Nigerians Choose the UK for Job Opportunities

Approximately 280 out of every 1,000 people in Nigeria are expected to migrate in 2022 and 2023. As of 2022, over 215,000 Nigerians had already migrated to the UK.
The UK has been a popular choice for Nigerians seeking job opportunities abroad due to strong diplomatic ties between the Nigerian and UK governments, which positively impacts Nigerians’ perception of the UK.

  • The UK’s status as a former colonial power of Nigeria also plays a role.
  • The UK has a reputation for hosting some of the best tertiary institutions globally. This makes it a sought-after choice for Nigerians who aim to secure the finest education for their children.
  • The UK’s currency is significantly stronger than the Naira, Nigeria’s currency.
  • English is the common language in both countries, thus eliminating language barriers for Nigerians migrating to the UK.

Steps to Secure a Job in the UK from Nigeria

1. Research Various Industries

Start your job hunt by researching various industries and jobs available in the UK. By understanding the job market, you can gain insight into high-demand sectors. Medical doctors in the UK earn lots of money money an average of £62,000 annually. Registered nurses, secondary school teachers, and electricians also earn attractive salaries. IT business analysts, architects, and system engineers have lucrative commission-based pay structures.

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2. Obtain a Visa

To enter the UK, having a visa is a necessary requirement. A visa doesn’t guarantee employment, but it grants you permission to enter the UK and look for work. Please note that finding work may be more challenging outside of London due to the use of recruitment agencies by most companies.

3. Apply for a Work Permit

If you’re from Nigeria and want to work in the UK, you need to get a Tier 2 visa. You need to show that a UK company has offered you a job and they have a valid Sponsorship Certificate. Various types of Tier 2 visas are available for different categories of workers. Tier 1 visas are also available for high-value migrants, including Nigerian entrepreneurs.

4. Be Prepared to Relocate

Relocating should not be a significant issue. The Nigerian government has made it quite simple for Nigerians residing abroad to come back to their home country. You can secure any job you want in Nigeria after relocating and earn money while working on your projects or starting a business.

5. Obtain Quality Education

Securing a degree from a reputable university in a field in high demand can increase your chances of landing a job in the UK. Ensure that your CV and personal profile are updated regularly to reflect your qualifications and skills.

6. Apply for Permanent Residency

If you’ve stayed in the UK legally for five years and spent less than 180 days abroad last year, you can apply for permanent residency. This status grants you permanent residency in the UK, enabling you to live without immigration restrictions.

How to Get an Online Job in the UK from Nigeria

There are numerous reliable companies that offer remote jobs for Nigerians to work abroad. Platforms like Manpower, Expat Arrivals, Transitions Abroad, Reed, Monster, Gov.uk, Jobs.ac.uk, The Guardian, The Independent, Career Jet, Glassdoor, Indeed, Jobsite, offer a variety of remote job opportunities.

Make sure to accurately complete the application form by filling in all necessary fields, such as your name and email address. Make sure all the information is correct and complete to avoid potential rejection due to incorrect or missing information.

Easy UK Jobs for Nigerians

Certain job opportunities in the UK are considered easier to secure for Nigerians:

Fundraisers: Many charitable organizations in the UK are always in need of enthusiastic individuals for fundraising roles. This position usually doesn’t require prior experience or education.

Drivers: With a recent shortage of truck drivers in the UK, experienced long-haul truck drivers can easily secure jobs. However, it’s crucial to have all the necessary driving permits and licenses.

House Maids/Cleaners: The UK has numerous housemaid positions available for individuals of all genders. Strong communication skills and a pleasant personality are key requirements for these jobs.

Entry-level Cooks: Hotels and restaurants frequently hire entry-level cooks. Having prior cooking experience is an added advantage.

Postmen/Women with Driving: Large stores, post offices, and businesses often require professional drivers to act as their postmen or women. Having a driver’s license is a requirement for these positions.

Teaching Jobs: If you are proficient in French, Spanish, or German, you can find work as a modern foreign language (MFL) teacher. The British Council’s language assistants program also offers opportunities to teach foreign languages in British schools.

UK Job Application Tips

While the UK has a high cost of living, it’s still a desirable place to work due to its strict equality at work, excellent pay, and accommodating working environment. You can either search for jobs and apply through platforms like LinkedIn or CareerBuilder or use an agency that helps find positions. Remember not to leave your current job until you have a formal offer letter in hand. Also, ensure that you have positive references before submitting applications.


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