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A lot of people wonder where to find a high-paying job in Canada without a university degree. A university degree can be good for you but it doesn’t guarantee high pay. You don’t have to follow the same path as someone who has gone through school and gone on with their career.

There are many options out there that you can pursue and even more things that you can learn while never having this diploma in hand.

Different paths in life can lead to the same path. This is not just limited to education. Whether you study a trade, go on a ranch, or learn a new skill you may still be able to live highly rewarding lives if you choose the right career path for you.

This article will briefly discuss the skills that some people can learn without any formal education and will then describe how they may still be able to advance in their careers without going through an accredited university.

Best High Paying Jobs In Canada Without A University Degree

  1. Real Estate Agent

Real estate is one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada. It is a very popular career choice despite this fact, and it is also a very stable career path that most people find to be worth pursuing.

A real estate agent can earn between C$40,000 and C$75,000 per year. There are no requirements for becoming a real estate agent, but you will need to make sure that you have the right skills to get clients and close deals.

  1. Web Developer

A web developer is a person who builds websites for small and large businesses. They take design concepts and help to make them a reality by adding features, creating functionalities, and all of the other things that go into making a good website. Of course, they also do lots of things that are behind the scenes so that websites run smoothly.

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On average, a web developer can expect to earn between C$33,000 and C$75,000 per year. Their salary can vary depending on the amount of responsibility they take on with each job.

  1. Truck Driver

Truck driving is a popular career choice in Canada, and it is also one of the higher-paying jobs in Canada without a degree. Truck drivers are needed to move large volumes of goods from one place to another. They drive long distances and they also need to meet certain deadlines.

On average, a truck driver can earn C$60,000 per year or more depending on the city and the company that they work for. There are no formal requirements for becoming a truck driver, but this job also requires careful safety practices and DZ driver’s license.

  1. Plumber

Plumbers have no formal education needed to become plumbers, however, they are required to have certain skills. Their job requires them to be completely aware of all of the equipment that they use and how it works. They also need to know a lot about water pressure, plumbing, and even electricity. Of course, being a plumber also requires training on how to use everything that they are using on the job.

On average, a plumber can earn C$30,000 – C$85,000 per year or more.

  1. Mechanic

Mechanics are like plumbers in the way that they have no formal education required. Mechanics use their knowledge of machines and how they work to help people repair them. They also need to understand the functioning of different machines and they need to know a lot about how machines run. Whether it is a car, a plane, or something else, mechanics need to know how everything works together and what causes problems in each machine that they are working on.

An experienced mechanic can earn C$27,000 – $70,000 per year or more.

  1. Land Surveyor

Land surveyors are required to have a professional license to land a job, but once employed they can expect to earn between C$40,000 and C$100,000 per year. Land surveyors help people make decisions based on the land that they own. They assess what is on the land that needs good care and maintenance as well as what parts of the land are not used at all.

Other High Paying Jobs in Canada without A University Degree

  1. Nightclub Manager
  2. Court Reporter
  3. Paralegal / Legal Assistant
  4. Firefighter
  5. Spray Technician
  6. Technology Consultant/Systems Administrator
  7. Welder
  8. Electrician
  9. Air Traffic Controller
  10. Executive Chef
  11. Sales Associate
  12. Receptionist
  13. Flight Attendant

In conclusion, these are some of the highest-paying jobs in Canada without a university degree. You do not need to take that path to get an education and go on with your career.

There are many ways to get better at what you do and equipment can also be acquired to help you work efficiently in your chosen profession no matter what path you follow.



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