How much bank balance is mandatory for applying a US UK Canada Abroad visa?

How much bank balance is mandatory for applying a US UK Canada Abroad visa?

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How much bank balance is mandatory for applying a US UK Canada Abroad visa

Showing a bank balance is utterly irrelevant to a US tourist/visitor visa application for five main reasons:

Many of the bank documents that consular officers see are forgeries, so they are trained to not only ignore them, but consider them suspicious.

Many of the genuine bank documents are those of entire families, and the person who presents them has no actual control of the money.

The amount of money you have in the bank has nothing whatsoever to do with your reasons to visit the US, and your reasons to return.

Having a lot of spare cash would make it easier to set up a life in the US.

International wire transfers.

How should we apply for a visa if we don’t have any bank balance?

Generally, Most countries accept something like a Obligation Letter from a Resident of that country (Example if its Germany), A German issuing a Obligation Letter, saying that they shall be responsible for your stay in Germany for the specified period.

In case of Germany, Obligation Letter will be issued by the local Municipality where he stays, It essentially says that the Sponsor is having sufficient funds to mange an extra person in Germany, He also must show an evidence saying that their home can accommodate an Extra Guest in their home.

How much should I have in my account before applying for a USA student visa?

It doesn’t matter how much money you have. What matters is whether you have non immigrant intent.


I know of millionaires whose visa has been rejected, while those with almost nothing in the bank have had their Visa approved.

Most of the time, the Visa officers do not even check your bank statement that you carry for the Visa interview.

You only need to prove strong ties to your home country and convince the Visa officer that you will return back in the few minutes that you get to interact with the Visa officer.

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