High Paying Jobs in Canada, US & UK Without Degree

High Paying Jobs in Canada, US & UK Without Degree

You don’t need to own a degree or attend school for years before you can secure high-paying jobs. Well, there are a lot of jobs that you can only bag when you have a degree either relating to them or just a general requirement.

However, there are still many jobs that pay well, even without having a degree. In this article, I will show you the highest-paying jobs that you can secure anywhere in the world without owning a degree in it.

1. Travel Agent

Average salary: $40,000

You can make an average of $40,000 as a travel agent. Depending on how many clients you can work it, you can even make multiples of this amount. Your only job as a travel agent is to provide travel services to anyone that wants to travel.

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It can include booking flight tickets, making hotel reservations, helping with foreign scholarship programs, Visa applications, and many more. Asides from how much you can make with it, it also involves a lot of fun if you are good at it.

2. Firefighter 

Average salary: $50,000

Your job as a firefighter is quite simple. You are solely responsible for saving lives and properties in a fire accident. You do not need to have a degree before you can work as a firefighter; however, you need to possess some basic skills and qualities.

Once you pass the eligibility phase, you will undergo training that might last for a few months. After that, you will begin your job as a firefighter and earn money while saving lives. However, it is a risky profession.

3. IT Worker

Average Salary: $170,000

Working in the tech industry might seem more like a big deal, and perhaps you must have a degree before you can. Well, you don’t need to have any degree before you start making money from tech.

Although it looks pretty technical, and of course, it is technical, with the proper training and practice, you will become so good at it. Almost every industry needs the services of a tech worker. Therefore, it will do you good to start learning soon.

4. Stationary Engineer 

Average salary: $60,000

You might wonder how you can become a stationary engineer without having a degree. Well, it’s possible because your role as a stationary engineer is not as technical as that of an engineer with a degree.

Once you apply to become a stationary engineer, you will undergo training so you can have the necessary skills to succeed in it. The role of a stationary engineer is to operate, maintain, and supervise industrial equipment and machinery.

5. Artist

Address: $45,000

Anyone can become an artist as long as they have the raw talent and further develop their skills. The role of an artist is to create artworks, which could be hands-on or even digital. As an artist, you might choose to sell your works or exhibit them in galleries.

People who appreciate art patronize artists the most. Frankly speaking, you can make more money as an artist than most of the professions that require degrees if you are good at what you do and you have a large audience.


If you have it in mind to start something for yourself, but are worried about not having a degree, I hope this article has been of help. Now you should be able to direct your focus to some more profitable and make the most of it.


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