Best Affordable Medical Schools in Europe – Affordability and How to Get Admission

Best Affordable Medical Schools in Europe – Affordability and How to Get Admission

Best Affordable Medical Schools in Europe – Affordability and How to Get Admission

Best Affordable Medical Schools in Europe – Affordability and How to Get Admission

In this article, we carefully answered all the questions plaguing your mind about studying medicine in Europe. So if you would like to study medicine abroad in English and earn a Medical degree in Europe? Then you should probably read this article till the end.

Why Should I Study Medicine in Europe?

If you’re thinking if Europe is the best study destination to study medicine, we have compiled the most important reasons for this promising career step. These reasons will also answer many of your questions about studying medicine in Europe and how it may—or may not–differ from studying elsewhere.

Here are some reasons you should study medicine in Europe

There are better Access (No pre-med & MCAT) and Requirements
Europe offers English programs
High Prestige Med Schools with Affordable Tuition
The Tuition is less expensive
Lesser duration or length of studies.
They accredit universities
Modern Facilities and Technology
An increasing number of international students
Considering these, where else would you be?

As you read on, you will discover affordable countries to study medicine in Europe, but before that let’s look at the best medical schools in Europe.

Top Best Schools of Medicine in Europe

According to ranking, students review, and value offered, we have carefully written the names of the best schools of medicine in Europe. These schools include;

The University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom
The University of Cambridge
The Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.
University College London (UCL)
Imperial College, London
King’s College, London
The University of Edinburgh
The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
The Erasmus University Rotterdam, in the Netherlands
The University of Copenhagen in Denmark

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For direct information, visit the school website for more details.

Wondering if there are 4-year medicine programs in Europe? Read on!!! Meanwhile, here are the affordable countries to study medicine in Europe.

Affordable Countries to Study Medicine in Europe

Going to university isn’t exactly the cheapest of choices, especially not when you do a medicine course in Europe. The saving grace is that there are always affordable destinations for prospective doctors to learn the skills they need to become fully qualified. Here’s a rundown of our top six affordable countries to study medicine in Europe.

Czech Republic

In these countries, you are going to find the cost of medical schools in Europe cheaper. Still, in resonance with that, let’s consider the affordable medical schools in Europe.

Cheap Medical Schools in Europe

Here is a list of affordable medical schools in Europe

#1 KU Leuven–University of Leuven, Belgium (ranked 40th worldwide)

The Faculty of Medicine at KU Leuven is a popular institution mainly concerned with international projects and networks and is part of the Biomedical Sciences Group. They also collaborate with a hospital, and they have a consistent group of international students. Research is another major focus of the specialists from KU Leuven and there are several studies on science, technology, and health.

#2 The Technical University of Munich, Germany (rank 46 worldwide)

The Technical University of Munich is another very young medical institution in Germany and is actively collaborating with over 20 teaching hospitals and clinics. Within the university, the medical faculty has world-class facilities, including 24 clinics and 18 institutes that allow medical students the opportunity to focus only on research much-needed valuable practical experience.

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#3 The Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany (rank 57 worldwide)

The Humboldt University of Berlin at the same time has an integrated university hospital, Charité, which is both a training and a research centre. At Humboldt University, both local and international students will have the unique opportunity to engage with student councils and come up with innovative ideas and theories related to teaching, learning, and research in the medical field.

Since it has a wide international outlook, students and staff hail from over 80 countries, and patients worldwide be treated at Charité.

#4 The University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (ranked 63rd worldwide)

This institution operates two educational institutes, which study medicine and medical informatics, and a research institute that develops projects in cardiovascular disorders, epidemiology and public health, infectious diseases and immunology, metabolic disorders, oncology, and many others.

This is the list of cheap Medical schools in Europe. Discover the cost of European Medical schools.

How Much is the Cost of European Medical Schools?

Tuition fees are usually cheap or low tuition in Europe for graduate programs in medicine. Compared to western universities, the cost of medical schools in Europe is low. Tuition is in the range of 60,000–150,000 USD. Whereas In the USA they will expect you to pay 140,000–240,000 USD annually;

You get to pay $10,000-15,000 per year

Total medical school cost (6 year program) = $60-150,000

So studying medicine in Europe is a much more affordable option to most pre-med students. So yes, the cost of European Medical schools in Europe is affordable.

If the cost of European Medical schools is expensive, look out for cheap Medical schools in Europe or 4-year medicine programs in Europe.

Are there 4-year Medicine Programs in Europe in English?
It has become increasingly popular for students to pursue 4-year medicine programs in Europe in English. In Europe, they usually refer to these as the advanced medicine (MD) program, fast track medicine, accelerated medicine program, graduate entry medicine, graduate-entry program, or graduate medical program abroad. The amazing thing is that they’re offered in English.

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In an answer to that, yes there are 4-year medicine programs in Europe in English.

What are the Admission Requirements for European Medical Schools?
These are some of the most common admission criteria for Medicine degrees offered by European universities:

High school diploma (certificate)
Good marks in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math
Letters of recommendation
Letter of motivation
Voluntary or work experience related to healthcare
Candidates taking the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) must offer three subjects, including Chemistry and Biology at Higher Level, plus three subjects at Standard Level. Not all universities require an International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB).
Minimum TOEFL and IELTS results

The requirements we’ve listed above are the most common, but Europe is a large continent, and some countries and schools have different admission criteria or systems. It’s best to check out the school website.

How Long Does it Take to Study Medicine in Europe?
It takes 6 years to study medicine in Europe. Some medical schools in Europe offer a 4-year program for international students who hold a bachelor’s degree.


The best medical schools in Europe offer the best of studies. Considering the cost of European Medical schools, solve that problem by looking out for affordable medical schools in Europe or the affordable countries to study medicine in Europe as listed above. To overcome the long duration of studying medicine, apply for the 4-year medicine programs in Europe.

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