MAX232 Datasheet

The MAX232 Datasheet from Maxim

MAX232 Arduino

This is a modification of the schematic for the RS232 serial loader to show how to hook a MAX232 to an Arduino. It is not a shield - just a little kludge board that can be added to any microcontroller. You can put the MAX232 on several of the available shields, some of which have small breadboarding areas.

MAX232 Arduino schematic.

A minimal Arduino MAX232 circuit consists of a the device and four capacitors. It can be connected to the serial port in several ways, though. Shown are a MAX232 connected as a DCE and a DTE, using RTS/CTS handshake. The RS232 pinouts shown are for the 9-pin DB9 standard connector.

MAX232 schematic DCE and DTE shown with RTS/CTS handshake.

You can also use the Arduino MAX232 as a +/-10V power supply, as seen in the schematic below.

MAX232 as a dual output +/-10V power supply.

Here is an interesting use of a MAX232 as an ultrasonic transmitter.

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